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Workshops/ Panels


Community Outreach 

Conferences the chapter attends: Regional Leadership Conference (RLS), Endzone Conference, Fall Regional Conference (FRC), and National Annual Convention (NSBE50). Here there are workshops and career fair with industry leaders. Members gain internships and full-time roles, and professional development from the best in the industry. 

Workshops and Panels are hosted by NSBE Professionals, WVU Alumni and WVU departmental resources.

Mentorship is offered from upperclassmen (seniors and juniors) to lowerclassmen (freshmen and sophomores), and from alumni/ professionals in the industry/ research field.

High School events are held on campus that are hosted by WVU like DiscoverWVU and Open House that the chapter volunteers for. Many others like pumpkin drop and VEX Robotics Competitions as well. 

New Member Interest Form

If interest in the benefits of the WVU NSBE Programs above, click the google form button above for more information on how to join.